Doodling for Valentine’s Day

Last night I sat and contemplated Valentine’s Day and I took out my pen and doodled.

I doodled for my Father who was my very first Valentine. Remembering his kindness, his humor, and the way he played the harmonica for me at night. I doodled my late husband and remembered the good times and how beautiful he was, and how I would watch him sleep and feel grateful. I doodled my sweet daughters, who now grown, are my ultimate Valentines! I doodled my mother and my sister, strong women who try to keep me sane and in-check… and inspire me. I doodled my friends, particularly the ones that I have known for more than 20 years. They are the people who knew me when I thought Valentine’s Day was only for lovers. And when I thought Valentine’s Day was a ridiculous, commercial venture that put pressure on us all to perform. (I still think that sort of). And, finally I doodled this little sketch. My Valentine to the world. A plea for joy that comes from every corner, and the willingness to send it back out, loud and big! Wishing you that kind of Valentine’s Day and every day.

Happy Valentine’s Day to You! 

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