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Illustration Friday – Urban

“Urban” was Illustration Friday’s drawing prompt for April 5. What does that mean exactly? My first thought, because of  following Urban Sketchers I suppose, was architecture. Bricks. Houses and buildings. But I’ve always been more interested in drawing people. It seems like these days urban dwellers are often folks who may have grown up as the spawn of suburban parents, but who are now somehow a glam mix of polish and country-fied chicken owners with penthouse coops. Hence the martini and the chicken. Seems like a good pairing to me.urban-farmer-colorO

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Illustration Friday, Sometimes

In typical fashion, I’m embarking on participating in Illustration Friday without a great deal of thought about how I might be able to keep up with it. It just sounded like a great way to keep me drawing, which I haven’t been doing much lately. Illustration Friday is a lovely web site, with lots of eye candy. Illustrators both professional and hobbiest, follow a weekly prompt to illustrate and post their work.

This weeks topic is SWIM. Perfect for someone who is battling winter fatigue and longing for the warmth and sunshine of spring. The website only allows you to post one illustration per prompt. So… I’m posting this week, without trying to perfect my illustration. Mainly Just To Get Started. So.. I’ll move forward and illustrate and post when I can. I hope you’ll follow and enjoy!

My version of SWIM.


I thought about how when I was a kid, we would go to the public swimming pool and the lifeguards would call, “Courtesy Check”. This meant that everyone under the age of 14 or something had to get out of the water and let the adults swim. Kids would line the cement rim, kicking the water impatiently with their toes. I watched my mother, who was terrified of water, gingerly moving though the water… waving her hands and never letting her toes leave the solid bottom. And, she would take pity on me and come to the side, taking my ankles in her hands and laughing. Her skin was soft and beaded with oil, her smile enough to see me through the 6 minutes until I could hit the water again. And, then they called  “All Swim”!

I invite you to leave a comment, if you feel so inclined. I would love to hear your thoughts!

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