Hi, I’m Jenny Dixon and here’s what I do…

• Graphic Designer
• Blogger
• Mom
• Art Journaler
• Painter Wanna-be

I’ve been producing print design in Birmingham, Alabama, off and on since the early 1980’s. Working for many years as the art director for a commercial printer provided me with the knowledge and expertise to work well with printers, producing effective design with efficiency and style. Later, as co-owner of Periwinkle Press LLC, a wholesale stationery company, I added writing, blogging, web design and a host of other skills to my repertoir. Mainly, I added an appreciation and deep understanding of the joys and trials of running a small business. That’s why I love working with small businesses to solve their communications challenges!

I’m a member of the baby boomer generation, although I think I was born in the last “official” year of that infamous generation. I live the typical suburban lifestyle. I own a fun 50’s rancher, have 2 kids (grown really, but it still counts, right?). I live each day by the seat of my pants. running amuck, trying to keep my life in tow. I’m Southern through and through. Sweet tea, cornbread and a porch are just about all I need to make me truly happy. Well, and maybe air conditioning.

I love color whether it’s indoors or out, whether I’m wearing it or eating off of it. Garage sales and flea markets are a constant inspiration and source of irritation. I’m trying to live by the “something comes in the house, something else has to go” mantra, but so far, no dice.