Pantone Color 2013 – Emerald… So?

green-ornamentHappy Holidays… and oh yeah, Here’s the Color of  the Year. I’m not sure how long ago Pantone started their color of the year program. My goodness. Time magazine, and the LA Times have written about Emerald Green, the 2013 Color of the Year this week. This is BIG news, almost as big as the Academy Awards! On Pantone’s website, you can see the “Color of the Year” back to 2007. Admittedly, I am old enough to remember when there was no color of the year. Before there was an official Color of the Year, we, as graphic designers, just used the colors that inspired us… or the colors our clients requested…..

It’s funny. People who not too long ago didn’t even know what Pantone was, now tout and shout about the color of the year; which, by the way… happens to be Emerald green for 2013. And, while I really don’t put much stock in it, I have to admit that I look forward to what everyone has to say about it.. the mockups they are showing…. the layouts they are creating. Funny thing is, everyone is on the bandwagon now. Sherwin Williams has a color of the year. Benjamin Moore has a color of the year, which is Yellow Sorbet – in stark contrast to Emerald Green.

So, I’m wondering… I need to think on it, but I think I’ll come up with my own color of the year. Stay tuned for my announcement. And, in the meantime…do you have a color of the year? I’d love to know your thoughts!

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