The Small Business of Creative Living

Do you have a small business? You do, even if you don’t realize it. It’s your life. Running a small business and living the life you desire are very closely connected, requiring much the same things from the boss (yes, that’s you). This occurs to me as I have closed one small business and am now concentrating on building a new one.

FOCUS. This is very hard for me…. remaining focused. I love the next shiny bright thing. They say a creative mind is like that… curious. An asset, yes, but sometimes a liability, if you don’t know how to channel all of that energy. For instance, my daily sketching has really suffered lately. Priorities have shifted, but I tell you now… I am recommitting myself. I miss my sketchbook! (See the last post).

THINK IT AND IT WILL BE. I love this idea. Of course, you can’t just think it, you also have to act it. But, I do believe that how you think leads the way for how your life will be.

BUILD A TEAM. No one can do it all, in business, or in life. Do what you do best and delegate the rest. Surround yourself with people who can support you, both emotionally and in a very real, tactile way. If you don’t know a gardenia from a dandelion, but have a friend that loves gardening…. trade out for that knowledge. You have something you love that someone else desires to know.

BE QUIET. You have to refill the creative well. Get in a routine of unplugging. It may be walking, meditating, praying, cooking, just sitting with the sunshine on your face, or (my favorite) sketching. Whatever lets your mind rest and then just wander, it is good for your spirit, and the business of life. It’s where ideas and strength come from.

And now that I’ve meandered a bit, musing about the business of life… I guess I’d better get on with it! (Life, that is). I’m sure you can add to this little list I’ve started. How do you run the business of your life?


One Response to The Small Business of Creative Living

  1. Carla January 24, 2012 at 3:49 pm #

    Very true about viewing your life as a small business. That is what we do everyday, make choices about how and what we are going to experience!